Nacho Vigalondo Talks About ‘Colossal’ And The Value Of Ridiculous Ideas

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One one hand, Colossal is the story of a woman, Gloria (Anne Hathaway), who moves back to her old hometown while she tries to put her life back together after losing everything. But it’s also the story of how, halfway around the world, a monster is periodically materializing over Seoul, South Korea, which has understandably captivated the world. As the movie progresses, the small-scale human drama and the larger-than-life spectacle slowly start to come together — eventually becoming what is now referred to as “the Anne Hathaway kaiju movie.”

Director Nacho Vigalondo is known for his unconventional approach to moviemaking, and by fusing the story of simple human drama with an actual kaiju movie, he’s crammed two completely different genres of film together. The result is a wholly original story that defies a simple explanation. We got the chance to talk to the director about what it takes to put a movie like this together, and realizing that he’s not going to be able to satisfy everyone.

Where did this idea come from, initially?

The idea itself is one those curious, ridiculous devices that I collect to be used in the future. What if these things happened here at the same time? It was much older. Any other ideas I collect, just interesting ideas which don’t work for anything. Making something interesting has no value itself. Originality has no real value. Originality doesn’t hold itself.

So, you have to be really careful about those ideas. They are really attractive, but they don’t hold the film. So you have to be careful. Because if I made a movie about that device, and just that device, it would be me trying to be the most clever guy in the room. I will probably become a pile of bullshit. It wasn’t until I found the characters that I didn’t realize that I had too many [ideas] in the script.

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