‘Broad City’ Made Natalie Portman Feel Insecure About ‘Garden State’

Garden State isn’t as bad as its soggy reputation, but it’s not exactly The Graduate, either. Boy did I want it to be, though. I was 17 years old when it came out, a huge fan of Scrubs and Nick Drake but an even bigger admirer of Natalie Portman. A part of me will always love or at least defend Garden State, because a part of me will always be jealous of gloomy Zach Braff falling in love with Portman, with her manic goofy dances and pixie pink hoodie. It’s so precious.

Portman was asked about the movie that turned the Shins into life-changers at the Toronto Film Festival last night. She made it during her senior year at Harvard, despite “Zach [never having] made a film before,” and is proud of the finished product. Then Broad City happened.

“Although,” she added, “I’ve been insecure about it recently because of Broad City. Does anyone here watch Broad City?” she asked the audience. “Best show. If you haven’t watched it, watch it. And on the show there a really dorky characters who’s a gym instructor, like an Equinox guy or something, and he’s the worst. And he’s like, ‘Oh my god, I love Garden State! I donated all my money to Zach Braff’s Kickstarter.’ And I’m like” — Portman buried her head in her hands — “‘Oh my God.’ So now, because the people I think are the coolest think it’s really lame I’m kind of insecure about it.”
(Via Vulture)

Whenever Portman feels insecure, she does something no one’s ever done before, then realizes that’s stupid and has a drink, like a normal human being.

(Via Vulture)