Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Still Fed Up With Hollywood’s Depiction Of Aliens

Neil deGrasse Tyson is returning to the world of hot takes, and once again, the famed astrophysicist is putting Hollywood on blast for its less than scientific depiction of aliens. In a series of tweets on Monday afternoon, Tyson dipped into some of his Greatest Hits from the past decade where he’s called out everything from hard sci-fi films like Interstellar to fantastical fare like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy because nothing is safe from Tyson’s withering gaze when it comes to the cinematic portrayal of extra-terrestrial beings.

“Ready to resume the posting of all my Space Alien Tweets since 2009,” Tyson warned his followers, which was actually a nice thing to do because, again, the man has some thoughts. “But some of you didn’t like them. You’re not obligated to, but you can always unfollow me. Or just avert your eyes for the rest of today.”

In his first reposted “Note to HOLLYWOOD,” Tyson thinks Tinseltown is getting it all wrong when it comes to aliens’ appearances even though nobody, including Tyson, has ever seen an alien before: “A Space Alien with no DNA in common with life on Earth should look more different from life on Earth than **any** two life forms on Earth look from each other.”

In his next note, Tyson had thoughts on aliens’ senses, which he argues should also be wildly different than humans: “No reason to think space aliens would have the same array of senses — sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell — as humans. They could have more senses than we do. Or all their senses could be completely different from ours.”

However, despite threatening to rehash his alien movie criticisms, Tyson quickly pivoted back to random alien tweets, which he’s still firing off as of this writing. The man has simply had enough. And he needs you to know it. Again.

(Via Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter)