‘Scream’ Creator Kevin Williamson Wants Neve Campbell Back In The Horror Franchise, But Only If She Gets Paid

Scream VI was the first Scream movie without Neve Campbell. And hopefully the only.

Kevin Williamson, who wrote the screenplay for Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 4, shared his thoughts on Campbell not returning for Scream VI after the actress declined a salary offer that she thought “did not equate to the value” she brought to the horror franchise.

“I know exactly where she’s coming from,” he said on the Happy Horror Time podcast, according to Variety. “I know her well. I love and adore her, and that’s what she did and it’s great for her. I love everyone involved with Scream and all I can say is pay her the money. Yes, you heard it, everyone. That’s what I would do. I would give her the money.” He added, “I’m sure there’s a number they can agree on that will make them both happy so hopefully one day they will figure that all out, and who knows. One day.”

Campbell, who plays Sidney Prescott in the meta-horror series, previously told People that the salary dispute would not be an issue if she was a man. “I honestly don’t believe that if I were a man and had done five installments of a huge blockbuster franchise over 25 years, that the number that I was offered would be the number that would be offered to a man,” she said. “And in my soul, I just couldn’t do that. I couldn’t walk on set feeling that — feeling undervalued and feeling the unfairness, or lack of fairness, around that.”

You can listen to the podcast with Williamson below.

(Via Variety)