A Brand New ‘Conjuring 2’ Trailer Has Arrived To Turn All Of Us Into Horrified Wrecks

Ready to go on another mission with Ed and Lorraine Warren? James Wan is and the Furious 7 director has his much drooled-over sequel to The Conjuring lined up this summer for a second instalment of pants-wetting terror and spooky hands doing things of a spooky nature. After all, who doesn’t like to let out an involuntary embarrassing shriek in a crowded movie theater?

A brand new trailer for The Conjuring 2 debuted at WonderCon and it’s jampacked with the sort of scary stuff you might associate with a Conjuring sequel. Y’know, freaky visuals, surplus of evil, the sense that something unholy is about to steamroll over everyone, all that good stuff. This particular jaunt takes place in England and is based on the infamous Enfield Poltergeist. Are there children sounding traumatized while speaking in English accents? You’re darn tootin’, there is.

IGN reports that Wan touched on the connection between the events of the first movie and its upcoming sequel when debuting the preview.

“We knew that in some ways we had to touch on their most famous case, and that is Amityville. Amityville in some ways dictated what the rest … would be,” he said of the two stories’ connections. “We wanted to find a story that mirrored each other.”

The Conjuring 2 is set to hit your local multiplex on June 10th.