A New ‘Equalizer II’ Trailer Sees Denzel Washington Beat Up All The Bad Guys

The first Equalizer was almost entirely about former CIA assassin Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) destroying various types of scumbags in the most efficient way possible, to the point where he timed himself, before a third act set in a hardware store that was Home Alone meets Taken. For the sequel, though, it appears that now Denzel’s has set aside the traps and is just running around improvising various ways to destroy people.

In this trailer alone, for example, we see him cut up a rapist bro-dude with his own credit card (an extended action sequence that opens the trailer), blow an assassin’s brain out in the wheelwell of his Lyft (which is why you always tip your driver), and double-fist a pistol and an Uzi. It also has a lot to crack up residents of Boston, much like the last Equalizer, since it appears Denzel is wrecking gangsters and private military contractors in the rough neighborhoods of, uh, Boston’s South End. Hey, after he kills some buttheads in the most efficient way possible, a man wants a nice brunch.

Joking aside, watching Denzel wreck jerks is never not fun, and while the first movie cruised both on Denzel’s charisma and director Antoine Fuqua’s experience with action scenes, it’s kind of hard to argue either aren’t a fun time at the movies. We’ll see how they go together for a second round July 20th.