Nic Cage Will Be Closer To You Than Ever In His Appropriately-Bizarre VR Movie ‘The Humanity Bureau’

In the year 2030, most of humanity is in dire straits. The soil won’t grow crops, radiation has destroyed much of anything living, and most humans are being corraled into something called “The Eden Project.” Enter Noah Kross, an agent of the Humanity Bureau who determines the productivity of the citizens left of the once great United States of America, and he’s played by an extra-intense Nicolas Cage.

Sadly, the idea of a productivity agent in 2030 being an undercover Nic Cage seems far more engaging than whatever this movie is supposed to be, but thankfully, Cage is here to bail it out. The best part? You can enjoy much of it right now in VR. Yes, you can get up close and personal watching a bizarre, low-budget Nic Cage flick in your own, private The Humanity Bureau screening room on an Oculus Headset.

The best line from the trailer? “What is the truth,” Kross asks in an elevator, putting a hard emphasis on “the.” That’s followed closely by a weird scene that has Kross/Cage grilling an old-timer about his productivity. The old man, before pulling a gun, says he “turned the White House.” No one knows what “turning the White House” actually is. Perhaps some 2030 slang?

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The movie comes out on Earth Day 2018. Or, April 6.

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