Noted Unusual Person Nic Cage Sounds Fascinated With His ‘Unusual’ Maine Coon Cat, Merlin

It’s hard to figure out just what type of person Nicolas Cage is. On the one hand, he has starred in a number of cult-classic movies like Mandy and Wild At Heart. On the other hand, he was in Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. So his movies are a bit of a toss-up. One thing that remains consistent, though, is that Cage doesn’t half-ass his various eclectic roles. This translates on and off-screen, where he has turned into the most caring cat dad ever, probably.

While promoting his upcoming movie The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, Cage spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his life and acting career. Sure, there were some interesting tidbits about how he turned down the role at first (Cage will play himself in the movie) and how he would probably never want to be in another Marvel movie. But the real takeaway from the interview is Cage’s eloquent monologue about his beloved cat, Merlin. When asked about what makes a great cat-owner relationship, Cage said:

I think the key is to respect them. And to let them come to you. The hand is very important. When you pet them, that connection is the great reward. When they start purring, you know they genuinely appreciate you being there. Lately, Merlin and I have had some issues because I got a little Pomeranian and he’s not happy about that. But Merlin is an unusual cat. It’s not the same as the other relationships I’ve had with cats throughout the years. There’s a real, almost human level of affection emanating from him which is almost like a son. It’s pretty intense.

Cage has previously mentioned his love for cats in the past. He has stated that Merlin is his best friend, despite the fact that he has a second cat and a pet crow who seems to hate him. While he was filming Vampire’s Kiss in 1987, Cage’s old cat destroyed his hotel room, but he didn’t mind! Cage and his cat Louis once took magic mushrooms together, which he mentioned while promoting The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which is a kid’s movie, in case you were keeping track. So, yeah, he’s a good person to take cat advice from.