Nicolas Cage Claims He Almost Built A Movie Studio In Las Vegas But Elon Musk Screwed The Whole Thing Up

On Wednesday night, Nicolas Cage made his first national talk show appearance in 14 years on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent star came loaded with the kind of stories that only Nic Cage can tell. After dazzling Kimmel with his shiny silver chrome suit, Cage talked about living in Las Vegas for the past 17 years. (He also admitted that he may have been there for “tax purposes.”) According to Cage, he had planted such firm roots in the “small town and big city” that he was all set to build a movie studio until a certain electric car maker screwed the whole deal.

Via IndieWire:

“I tried to get a movie studio built there, and then Elon Musk came in,” Cage said, “and all the money I got for the movie studio – I got $80 million — they put it into the Tesla cooperation. Which then, ironically, drained all the water out of the city.”

Cage joked, “I almost had it.”

If Cage is trying to make Musk so mad that he tries to buy him now, too, hats off. Solid plan. However, Cage followed up his tale of losing out on building a movie studio by regaling Kimmel with a gambling tale. While the actor says he’s not big on gambling, he did have a crazy hot streak in the Bahamas. The actor said he was just feeling the “mojo” that nothing could go wrong for him that night, so he headed to the Roulette table where he proceeded to turn $200 into $20,000 in 30 minutes.

However, Cage didn’t pocket the money or convert it into a dinosaur skull. Instead, he took the cash to a local orphanage, met all of the children, and slapped his winnings into the hands of the headmistress. After that, he said he’s never gambled again so he wouldn’t tarnish that special moment.

(Via IndieWire)