Even The Most Hardcore ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Fan Might Not Know These 7 Facts

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12.16.15 2 Comments

Think you’re a Tim Burton fan? You may very well be, but you should check your knowledge of the film against this Cinefix video about one of Burton’s earliest classics, The Nightmare Before Christmas (just in case). One of the more unconventional Christmas movies (this ain’t your parents’ White Christmas folks), Nightmare is filled with emotional moments, as well as outright scary and unsettling sequences. No matter how many times you watch, there’s still a chance you’ve missed something though.

Here are some fun facts you may have just forgotten:

  1. It’s a Disney movie, even though Tim Burton left the studio years before.
  2. Tim Burton didn’t actually direct the movie; Henry Selick did.
  3. The animators actually melted the stop-motion figure for The Melting Man to achieve that affect.
  4. Zero’s puppet body was made of lead so they could get him to float on screen properly.
  5. Vincent Price was the original voice of Santa Claus.
  6. All of the clouds were actual cotton made into giant mounds of fluff.
  7. There are multiple Mickey Mouse-related Easter Eggs – blink and you’ll miss them!

Did you know any or all of these facts already? If you did, it might be a sign that you love this movie a little too much. If not, consider it five minutes well spent in order to have a few more fun details to impress your family with this holiday season.

(Via Cinefix)

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