Norm Macdonald’s Fake ‘Sully’ Biopic Seems Much Better Than The Real One

As Jordan Sargent points out over at Gawker, the world needs this version of the Sully Sullenberger story starring Norm Macdonald. It comes from the comedian’s final appearance on Late Night before Conan set off on a spirit journey that pitted him against a large chinned wannabe racecar driver and features Macdonald playing Sullenberger on film.

You might think there isn’t enough story to tell for an entire movie based on the “Miracle on the Hudson,” but Macdonald proves that wrong by completing his version of the film months before the actual incident even happened! Amazing. Sully Sullenberger: Airport Pilot is a picture inside the world of a man pushed to the brink due to his spotless record, driven only by the love of his wife.

If Macdonald manages anything way back in 2009, he shows that a Sully movie is still likely a boring idea. The man himself did a great job, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate well to film — unless Norm Macdonald is the one starring in said movie.

This also gives us a moment to relive one of Norm’s finest moments on Late Night, saving an interview with Courtney Thorne-Smith by mercilessly ripping on Carrot Top the entire time.

(Via Gawker)