Olivia Munn Gave The Perfect Response To Trolls Who Asked About Her Changing Face

Makeup by @shanepaish Hair by @christianmarc #SciTechAwards ?

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On Tuesday, Olivia Munn took a brief respite from locking swords with Deadpool to focus on a more glamorous matter relating to the above Instagram post. Actually, the internet reaction was not so glamorous. Munn was greeted with inquiries (some not so nice) about her morphing looks, and the comments piled on. Munn does look noticeably different these days, but a stint with the X-Men can do a lot to a person. For reference’s sake, here she is at the 2014 Met Gala.

Flashback! Met Gala 2014. Photo by @jessicaalba ?

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Any woman will tell you how much of a difference makeup can make, and perhaps some weight loss played a factor. However, Munn’s Instagram trolls believed something more nefarious (plastic surgery) was at work. So, she dispensed with the rumors by first providing a side-by-side comparison shot like this one. The photo on the left was taken in January at a Ride Along 2 premiere. The one on the right hails from the aforementioned 2014 gala.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - After Party
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Munn then explained the very logical reasons why her face looks different, and she says it’s all down to “research.” She’s convinced that one can ward off aging with very simple methods that are also inexpensive, and men don’t have to be “the only ones who can get better with age.” Munn explained how the biggest factor really is her X-Men training program. This is a simplified version of the full Instagram post:

1. I lost 12 pounds this past year while training for Xmen. I kept it off by coming up w/an hour workout I do a few times a week. The weight loss leaned out my cheeks and jawline. Working out is also great for your skin because it increases blood flow to your face which helps rejuvenate.

2. Reshaped my brows. I do my own brows and always thought they were supposed to have a high arch. Then a facialist pointed out to me that I was shaping my brows into a frown.

3. Got rid of sunspots. I love my freckles. But over the past couple of years I’ve seen more come up and merge with other freckles to make large dark spots. Dark spots prevent your skin from reflecting light and gives you a dull complexion.

4. I’ve talked about this before and I still stand by it: Japanese potatoes that are high in Hyaluronic Acid help keep wrinkles away.

Munn goes further to extol the anti-aging properties of Japanese potatoes, and she also gives an endorsement for “mark fading pads” that she uses to minimize her sunspots. Who knows if this stuff really works, but Munn seems pleased, which is what counts. The big take here is that Munn has no problem dealing with trolls, and she didn’t resort to taking them out with out a giant capslock rant. Let that be a lesson to you, Kanye West.

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