‘Oppenheimer’ Is Now Available On Streaming So You Can Finally Barbenheimer At Home In Peace

In the harsh light and brutal cold of a late February day, it can be hard to think about last summer when Barbenheimer was all the rage, and all we had to do was Beach around. Maybe you forgot what it’s like to feel that type of unparalleled joy that only comes with juxtaposing two opposite genres together, but today is the day you’ve been wanting for: Oppenheimer is now available on streaming, so you can have a very DIY Barbenheimer experience in the comfort of your own Mojo Dojo Casa or secluded New Mexico town.

Oppenheimer is now available for streaming on Peacock as a part of its “Imapact The World” rollout, which includes a handful of special featurettes highlighting the Oscar nominees and a behind-the-scenes look at the film with Christopher Nolan.

Peacock also added a handful of Nolan’s movies in one convenient place so after your personal Barbenheimer marathon, you can make your own Nolan double feature. Batman BegInception would be a nice place to start, but BatMento might be more fun.

Meanwhile, Barbie has found its permanent streaming home on Max, so you can stream both without the inconvenience of having to hop from one dark theater to another. It’s hard on the eyes!