Owen Wilson Constantly Repeats Himself On Film In This ‘Unbelievable’ Supercut

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08.16.15 6 Comments

We should all remember the very handy and thorough Owen Wilson saying “Wow” supercut that graced the Internet back in May. Refresh yourself if you don’t and then return to feast on this “unbelievable” supercut that is “crazier than a road lizard” and asks you to “be honest” about your feelings towards an actor constantly repeating themselves on film.

You might be saying, “what are you talking about, Roberts” about now, but cool those jets and “come on.” Owen Wilson has managed to create a career (with plenty of impressive work) by essentially giving the same performance in every movie, sometimes with an accent. And while this one might not make you say “wow” as many times as Wilson does in nearly every role he’s ever been in (including the entirety of Shanghai Knights apparently), it does pack enough to create a respected, well-crafted supercut.

Anyway, the guy is still likeable, he’s still rocking that nose despite the intense pressure by Hollywood to change those things, and he was still in Armageddon which I think some people forget these days. Also, I think we know the man is better than just a few repeated phrases, even if one involves road lizards.

(Via Owenergy Studios)

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