Pamela Anderson’s Son Told Her To Be Playboy’s Final Nude Centerfold

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12.04.15 10 Comments

For the 14th time, and first since 2011, Pamela Anderson is on the cover of Playboy. And not just any cover, either. It’s the legendary magazine’s final nude issue, much to Tina Fey’s dismay. Anderson first bared all in 1989, when she was dressed as a sexy college student; four years later, she shared the cover with Dan Aykroyd in full Coneheads attire, which was probably Anderson’s career highlight. Until she took a meeting with Werner Herzog.

Playboy asked James Franco to interview the Baywatch star, for some reason, and she told him about the time Herzog called her. “Well, first I thought,” Anderson said, “Holy crap, the man who directed Fitzcarraldo wants to meet with me! We had lunch at Chateau Marmont, and he told me, ‘You are something special. You need to be on the big screen.’ I couldn’t believe he said that. He has a project in mind for me, and I hope it materializes.”

That project is likely Vernon God Little, based on DBC Pierre’s acclaimed, dark-comedy novel about a teenager whose best friend murders several classmates. Mike Tyson and Russell Brand were set to co-star, but tragically, the casting announcement is the last update we’ve heard about the film. I’m sure James Franco is trying to weasel himself into a role.

Anderson was unsure about whether to appear on the Playboy cover, until one of her sons, Brandon, convinced her. That is only slightly weird.

“I said, ‘Hef just called, he wants me to do the last cover of Playboy,’ and he [Brandon, 19] goes, ‘Mom you’ve got to do it,'” Anderson explained. “[Brandon said] ‘We’re older, we’re not embarrassed anymore of you. You know, we think you’re great.'” (Via)

Even they thought Barb Wire was terrible, though. Unless Herzog wants to remake it? The film can be set in a haunted house.

(Via Playboy)

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