It Looks Like Paramount Will Be Taking Another Crack At Bringing ‘The Saint’ To The Big Screen

Have you been clamouring for another big screen The Saint adventure? Paramount is hoping that you are, because they’ve got plans. Potential franchise plans from the sounds of it.

A report from Deadline indicates that the studio has secured the book series rights for Leslie Charteris’ novels. The character of Simon Templar, a savvy Brit who rips off crooks and the crooked, has been the subject of countless (not true, we could probably tally them) adaptations for film, TV and radio. Depending on your age range and fondness for wigs, The Saint may spring to mind Roger Moore’s ’60s TV series or the 1997 thriller starring Val Kilmer. Here’s Kilmer dolled up in one of his disguises.

Tremendous. According to Deadline, producing deals are being closed with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Brad Krevoy and Robert Evans considered likely candidates to take on producer roles. di Bonaventura has served as a producer for the studio’s blockbuster Transformers franchise and it sounds like Paramount believes The Saint could serve as a series of films. Reviews weren’t particularly glowing for the 1997 version, but the motion picture made close to $170 million at the box office, so there’s reason to believe more money can be squeezed out of property.

Anyone you’d like to see in the role of Simon Templar? Weigh in with your casting decisions in the comments.

(Via Deadline)

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