Patton Oswalt And Twitter Had Some Fun Placing The SAE Chant Into Famous Movie Scenes

Patton Oswalt
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In other Patton Oswalt news, the set-destroying comedian addressed the recent Sigma Alpha Epsilon controversy on Twitter this morning. How? By placing the SAE fraternity’s racist chant in famous movie scenes, that’s how. As expected, the results are quite funny — albeit powerful enough to ruin (mostly) classic films:

Oswalt’s Twitter followers soon joined in on the fun, adding the chant to other beloved, obscure, and questionable scenes:

Every contest needs a winner though, and the title of ABSOLUTEL CHAMPION goes to LessThan Or SequelTo for adding the chant to Spike Lee‘s Do the Right Thing:

The “Radio Raheem” scene is brilliant but, honestly, any scene in this (or any other Lee film) would have won. The irony behind the pairing is infinitesimal — not to mention terrible. If anything, LessThan Or SequelTo won outright for the sheer size of the cojones he or she is sporting.

(Via Twitter)

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