Ageless Wonder Paul Rudd Has Proof That He Might Have Aged Between ‘Ant-Man’ Movies

Paul Rudd last prepped to get into Ant-Man shape for back-to-back Marvel movies, including 2018’s Ant-Man And The Wasp (seen above) and 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, in which he delivered the funniest joke of the movie while also being in fighting form. Since then, the pandemic happened, which probably saw Rudd (like many people) eat a few donuts. Rudd had to get back into the suit for the upcoming Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, so the donuts had to go. And the workouts recommenced.

As 53-year-old Rudd (who still looks about 40 at most) told Men’s Health, this time around was much harder. This sounds a lot like proof that Rudd is actually human. Losing a few pounds was definitely harder for him than it was five years prior, and this goes to show that Rudd might actually be experiencing the aging process. Here’s what he told the publication:

“I worked really hard to get back into shape for Quantumania, and I realized, Oh my God, this is so much harder than it was [for the last Ant-Man project]. I had fallen off more than I had in the past. All of a sudden my clothes fit tight. And I thought, God, this sucks. I can’t even wear these pants. So I’d say to myself, Well, I might as well just eat some of these cookies. I was irritable and self-conscious. I just wasn’t in a good mood. I really beat myself up.”

In all fairness, Rudd was also probably thinking about being up against the extremely swole Jonathan Majors. He surely works hard as well but had an edge by overlapping a bodybuilding biopic during the course of portraying Kang, the MCU’s newest big bad, who is going over well with critics. Yet Rudd did succeed at putting down the cookies and dialing up his workouts. We’ll soon see the results when Ant-Man 3 arrives in theaters on February 17.

(Via Men’s Health)