Royals Superfan Paul Rudd Joined In On The Team’s Champagne-Spraying Celebration

As a Mets fan, there isn’t too much that could possibly cheer me up after the events of Game 5 of the World Series, but one small consolation to the Mets’ third late-inning collapse of the Series that this time gave Kansas City a championship, is that noted Royals diehard Paul Rudd finally got to see his team win another title.

Rudd is probably the most famous Royals fan, and he made the trip out to Queens on Sunday night to witness the Royals’ first title-win since 1985, when Rudd was just 16.

Being a movie star grants you some opportunities that the average folks just don’t get, and one of those opportunities is the chance to celebrate with your favorite team in the locker room after they just won the World Series.

Rudd also gave an interview on the Citi Field infield with KCTV, where he could barely hold back his giddiness about his hometown team finally breaking their 30-year drought.

I will say this — if the Mets had won, I can’t really imagine Jerry Seinfeld or Kevin James partying it up with the team in the locker room, so Kansas City definitely gets the edge when it comes to celebrity fans.