Pixar Revealed Its Release Schedule For The Next Five Years, Featuring Some Changes For ‘Toy Story’

Pixar is whipping out the old Marvel plan and announcing their release schedule ahead of time, featuring a few surprises and a new film. Sadly, one of those surprises is related to a delay for Toy Story 4, so there’s that.

Obviously The Good Dinosaur is the first out, hitting theaters this November. Then it’s sequel territory for the next two years, featuring Finding Dory in 2016 and Cars 3 in 2017 (the most disappointing film on the list). Then Coco will be a fresh film hitting theaters in November the same year, featuring some fun with Dia De Los Muertos that got a tease at D23 according to

Several trips to Mexico informed the characters and story of the film. The main character Miguel is “a spirited 12 year-old boy growing up with a big family in rural Mexico.” He discovers a generational mystery that “forever changes his fate.”

The filmmakers revealed a clip showing people lighting candles at a cemetery. Suddenly, dancing, singing skeletons having a party. A skeleton mask falls off Miguel, and the other skeletons gasp.

Finally, way off in the future of 2018 and 2019 respectively, we get Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2. Toy Story 4 was initially set to be released in 2017, but has been pushed back to shore up the summer of 2018 (and possibly getting away from the stink of another Cars movie).

(Via ComicBook.Com / Pixar)