Lionsgate Plans To Go Go Ahead With Up To Seven ‘Power Rangers’ Movies

A lot of people are understandably skeptical about the proposition of a new Power Rangers movie, but the studio behind it definitely isn’t among the doubters. Even thought the Power Rangers reboot is still just over a year away, Lionsgate has big plans for the franchise. Really big plans. Like, kind of ridiculous plans.

Lionsgate is in a bit of a tough spot, as The Hunger Games franchise has wrapped up for now, and the Divergent Series has been savaged by critics while also waning at the box office. They need something new, and apparently that something is Power Rangers. In a recent meeting with analysts, the studio said they’re planning to milk “five, six or seven” movies from the Mighty Morphin’ team.

That’s a lot of Power Rangers movies, but then it’s not like they actually require a story (or really much effort at all). Kick a few bad guys, have a giant robot/monster fight, make a few bad puns, rinse and repeat. As the never-ending television show has proven, you don’t even need consistent characters. Lionsgate could replace the entire cast for every movie and nobody would mind. I can see the sequels now — Power Rangers 2: Hey, It’s The Green Ranger!, Power Rangers 5: Bulk and Skull Strike Back, Power Rangers 6: Just Amy Jo Johnson, Power Rangers 7: Sure, Whatever, Here’s Another One, and so on.

Anybody out there excited by the prospect of seven Power Rangers movies? If so, where do you find the time? Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017.

(Via Deadline)