Quentin Tarantino’s Last Film Won’t Be An Adaptation Or Sequel

Speaking with Elvis Mitchell to promote his new book Cinema Speculation, Quentin Tarantino revealed that his 10th and final film will be completely original. According to IndieWire, Tarantino considered adapting Elmore Leonard’s novel Stick — maybe the novelist’s most famous noir, which was previously adapted as a no-frills thriller by auteur director Burt Reynolds in 1985 — but has instead dismissed doing an adaptation or sequel as his final send-off. For those keeping score at home, that also rules out a new Kill Bill entry (as well as any other Tarantino continuations on your fantasy draft).

However, Tarantino has found a small loophole.

During the conversation he intimated that the rapidly closing theatrical window created an existential crisis for defining “cinema,” and questioned whether creating something for streaming (and not for the big screen) would technically count as a feature film at all. Or at least a final one.

Even without employing the loophole, Tarantino isn’t exactly retiring. He also revealed that he’s directing an 8-episode series for a streaming service due out in 2023. That might be his western Bounty Law, unless all of his talk of making Bounty Law has been an elaborate in-Tarantinoverse joke. He also has another book contract with HarperCollins following Cinema Speculation, a play in the works, as many series as he wants to do, and he can always say he was joking about 10 before coming back for the lucky 11th. The big question for his “final” film is how he’s going to stuff every one of his recurring actors into it.

(via IndieWire)