Quentin Tarantino Hasn’t Seen The Snyder Cut But Thinks The Whole Concept Is ‘Really Groovy’

Quentin Tarantino is a student of filmmaking as much as he is an actual filmmaker. His astute understanding of the business, for example, is one of the reasons he cites when explaining his impending retirement from directing. And someone as well-versed in cinema history as the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood director certainly understands notable industry trends.

Which is probably why he was asked about Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the HBO Max-launched four-hour epic reframing of the DC Universe team-up film that was the talk of Hollywood earlier in the year. Interestingly, though, the director had a much more positive answer about the whole endeavor than many who’ve publicly commented on the project. And those who have, well, actually seen the Snyder Cut in its entirety.

In an interview with Cinema Blend, the director admitted that he hasn’t seen the Snyder Cut just yet, but he’s interested in seeing it eventually. That’s because he found the whole thing “really groovy” in general.

“Well, I haven’t seen it because I don’t have HBO Max, but that’s something I would like to see. I never saw it when it was at the theaters, but I’d be kind of curious to see this four-hour, you know, his original version on that,” Tarantino said. “No, I actually thought that was really groovy. And I actually thought the fans were really groovy, the fact they kept persisting on it and everything,”

That persistence came by fans essentially tweeting the project into existence after years of social media protesting and pestering to see Snyder’s vision for the film that was first released under Joss Whedon’s guidance after the former left the project. While some may have been bristled by all that “persisting,” Tarantino apparently found the process interesting to watch.

Tarantino understands the value of going back and revisiting old work, though. He revealed recently that he debated remaking Reservoir Dogs as his final film instead of whatever’s coming next for his supposed swan song. Either way, it’s interesting to see Tarantino praise Snyder’s work here, even if he hasn’t actually seen how it all turned out.