Weekend Box Office: Ralph Breaks The Box Office And ‘Robin Hood’ Is KO’d By ‘Creed II’

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Of the three major releases this weekend, two have plenty to brag about. The other one is Robin Hood. However, let’s begin with the top movie at the box office this weekend, the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet. While midweek projections suggested it might break the Thanksgiving box-office record of $93 million held by Frozen, it ultimately fell somewhat short of that, coming in at $84.6 million. That’s nevertheless a huge weekend, second all-time among Thanksgiving openings ahead of the $82 million put up by Moana.

An $85 million take is also well ahead of the opening gross of its predecessor, which opened with $49 million (though it had only three days to work with), but that one went on to earn $189 million in 2012 (and $471 million worldwide). Reviews for Ralph Breaks the Internet are about even with Wreck-It Ralph (86 percent to the original’s 87 percent), though an A- Cinemascore is slightly off the A earned by the original. This one, however, should ultimately put up more robust numbers with little direct competition outside of the three-week-old The Grinch until Mary Poppins comes along on Christmas.

Meanwhile, another sequel, Creed II, took the second spot with a solid $55.8 million, nearly double the $29 million opening of the original (again, with two extra days with which to work). With that, Creed II now holds the record for the highest grossing live-action film opening over Thanksgiving. Reviews weren’t as stellar (81 percent compared to the 96 percent of the original), but Cinemascore audiences gave it an A, same as the first one. The sequel didn’t have the original’s director, Ryan Coogler, on board, but it does work successfully not only as a sequel to Creed but as a sequel to Rocky IV (and the MVP of the film, unbelievably, may be Dolph Lundgren).

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