They’re Baaaack With Random Movie Night Episode 4: ‘Poltergeist II: The Other Side’

On the Random Movie Night podcast, Uproxx’s Mike Ryan and Keith Phipps watch and talk about a movie selected by a random number generator.

Hey, we all love 1982’s Poltergeist. It’s spooky! And at the end the Freeling family moves out of their crumbled up house for good (even if they wanted to stay, there was really nothing much left) and, the last we see of them, they are checking into a motel as the in-room television is flung out onto the balcony. Enough with those contraptions!

Now, don’t you want to know what happens next? Don’t you want to know if the insurance company paid the Freeling family’s claim on their destroyed house? As our special guest this week, The Atlantic‘s David Sims points out, the entire plot of Poltergeist II: The Other Side hinges on the fact the insurance company refuses to pay for the Freeling’s former demon-possessed home. Pretty exciting stuff.

And then the demons come back. And they come to Phoenix (where the Freeling’s now live) to try and haunt them again. (Note: if you move to Phoenix to escape ghosts, they will find you.)

This was the 20th highest grossing film of 1986 and it beat out films like Pretty in Pink, The Fly, and Three Amigos. (Yes, Poltergeist II: The Other Side was a more successful film than The Fly, somehow.)

So, if you dare, come with Keith Phipps, David Sims, and myself as we venture to The Other Side, which you can listen to below or via iTunes, where you can subscribe so you never miss an episode. Also, we’d love it if you left feedback on our iTunes page. it makes us happy.

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