Random Movie Night Gambles Our Souls Away With ‘Oh God! You Devil’

On the Random Movie Night podcast, Uproxx’s Mike Ryan and Keith Phipps watch and talk about a movie selected by a random number generator.

Oh God! You Devil is the third film in the Oh God! franchise that really existed. Back before sequels were the given they are now, someone decide to take Carl Reiner’s funny, sweet Oh God! movie and make two more, only without Reiner and with George Burns’ performance as God serving as the only connective tissue. In the third and final chapter, Burns plays both God and The Devil as they battle over the soul of a young musician (Ted Waas) who makes a deal with The Devil to be famous.

This is the 49th most popular movie of 1984 and you can listen, if you dare, to Keith and Mike talk about this movie right here:

Next week: Spider-Man 3

Our opening theme this week is “Late Night Tales” by Lee Rosevere from the album Music For Podcasts. Our closing theme is “Max Flashback,” also by Rosevere and from the same album. You can hear more Lee Rosevere music here.

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