Renee Rapp’s ‘Mean Girls’ Press Tour Has Been A Master Class Of Chaos

Once every few years, a spunky young actress makes waves on the scene with soul-crushing sarcasm and a touch of wit, and everyone loves it before they begin to slowly turn on her until she retreats from the spotlight. It’s like an ongoing prophecy at this point! So it’s always a little scary when a new and cool actress arrives on the scene, because how long will it take for everyone to turn against her? This is the fun of Hollywood!

Recently, Mean Girl Renee Rapp has been paving her way in the industry, not only with her debut album but also as the vicious Regina George in the movie musical Mean Girls. Rapp also portrayed George in the Broadway run in 2019. During her press cycle, the Gen Zers have been living for her seemingly filter-less comments and all-around out-of-pocket nature. We love her for it! Or is it too much? Maybe we are all just online too often.

Rapp has been going viral on just about every platform for her interview one-liners, call-outs, and powerful defense of her friend Megan Thee Stallion (“best ass I’ve ever seen in my life”). But there’s so much more than that!

Here she is doing an ASMR lecture on how “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child helped her overcome anxiety as a child:

And here she explains how she is proudly ageist:

Which explains her not understanding early 2000s references:

Also, she really has the confidence of a middle-aged New York man. This can be scary:

And whatever is happening in this Stephen Colbert interview that ends with them eating cake and covering Drake.

At least she’s self-aware! Rapp made an Instagram post where she poked fun at herself and “lack” of media training by captioning a selfie with “her lack of media training is outrageous.” Maybe she is still in Regina George mode.

Maybe it’s not about the media training…but all of the jokes she made along the way.