‘Resident Evil’ Comes Full Circle In The ‘Final Chapter’ Teaser Trailer

Almost 15 years after the initial T-Virus outbreak in the Umbrella Corporation’s secret underground facility – which caused both a devastating zombie apocalypse and insanely lucrative film franchise – Sony Pictures today released the official teaser trailer to what will be the Resident Evil series’ last installment, The Final Chapter.

Existing somewhere between Mad Max: Fury Road and The Walking Dead, the trailer opens on Milla Jovovich‘s Alice, a genetically modified warrior whose superhuman abilities have undergone exponential growth with each subsequent film. Backdropped by Guns N’ Roses‘ “Paradise City,” she mounts a red motorcycle, engages the ignition with a thumbprint, and rides across a vast desert wasteland. The camera pans up, revealing emaciated bodies hanging from a bridge as well as a sign: Welcome To Raccoon City.

The trailer reveals few, but key elements to the film’s plot. Kid-voiced supercomputer The Red Queen informs Alice that in order to prevent the utter extermination of the human race, she must return to the Hive – Umbrella’s clandestine laboratory and setting of the original Resident Evil. Alice is understandably hesitant to believe this – AIs are notoriously untrustworthy – but before the two can talk it out, the manic action montage portion of the trailer kicks into high gear. We’re talking giant lizard people, a massive mob of zombies, blood-thirsty hellhounds, and what appears to be a cockroach-dragon hybrid.

The trailer also features a scene that pits Alice against a deadly security laser grid, a direct homage to one of the more iconic and stomach-churning scenes in the first film. Needless to say, Alice fares much better than those in the original.

The world probably doesn’t end on January 27.