Rian Johnson Says He’s Working On A Sequel To ‘Knives Out’ Focused On Daniel Craig’s Sleuth

Rian Johnson’s Knives Out was that rare thing: a non-franchise film, based on a wholly original idea (albeit inspired by Agatha Christie), that still cleaned up at the box office. It’s been raking in the bucks ever since its Thanksgiving bow; its domestic gross is currently shy a mere $10 million shy that of the year’s other big non-series blockbuster, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

But if any movie was to birth a franchise, it’s a mystery centered on a sleuth. And so it shall be: The Hollywood Reporter reports that they caught up with Johnson at the Golden Globe pre-show party — where Knives Out is nominated for three trophies, including Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) — where he gave them the following scoop: He’s planning on a sequel, following Daniel Craig’s amateur sleuth Benoit Blanc on another fatal brain-teaser.

Johnson told THR he was already mid-development on the sequel, so eager to get back to the world of Blanc that his hopes were to make it quickly, within the next year. Last week a fan tweeted that Craig, who rocked a delightful Foghorn Leghorn-esque Southern accent, should, in each sequel, adopt “a totally different accent, which is never explained.” Johnson responded by saying he’d already considered that.

Knives Out, which has been a box office Top 10 fixture since it bowed over Thanksgiving, was Johnson cashing in his chips from his previous film, The Last Jedi. Meanwhile the follow-up to that film, The Rise of Skywalker, has dominated the box office since it opened just before the holidays.

(Via THR)