Bernie Tiede, Inspiration For Eponymous Richard Linklater Film, Is Going Back To Jail

Richard Linklater has been in the news recently for his enjoyable new film, Everybody Wants Some!!, but now one of his previous film subjects is back in the news as well. Linklater made Bernie in 2011 about an East Texas man who murders his overbearing benefactor, and got the real-life Bernie Tiede released from prison. However, Tiede is now going back to jail for a very long time.

Vulture has the vital details, and reports that a 10-person jury found him guilty again from the murder of Marjorie Nugent and sentenced him to 99 years to life in prison. Nugent and Tiede had been close, with the elderly millionaire leaving her fortune to him in her will. Tiede says he shot her to death, and then hid her body in a freezer because she had emotionally abused him. After going to jail for 15 years the first time, Tiede was released in 2014 and moved into Linklater’s garage because details surfaced of him being abused as a child. Jack Black played Tiede in the film.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Nugent’s family had a lot of influence in the new trial, which may have led to Tiede’s conviction this time around. Tiede’s team says they plan to appeal on those grounds.

(via Vulture and Dallas Morning News)