Ridley Scott Hints At ‘Gladiator 2,’ Proving That No Movie Is Safe From A Sequel

Everything old is now new again, and it can sometimes seem that no movie is immune from a sequel, prequel, or reboot. Well, famed director Ridley Scott is here to prove you right. According to an interview at SXSW on Friday, Scott has ideas for a sequel to Gladiator. Yes, that Gladiator.

But how, you may ask? Didn’t Maximus (Russell Crowe) epically bite the dust at the end of the film and then join his beloved family in the afterlife? Well, according to Scott, these are inconsequential details.

“I know how to bring him back. I was having this talk with the studio — ‘but he’s dead.’ But there is a way of bringing him back. Whether it will happen I don’t know. Gladiator was 2000, so Russell’s changed a little bit. He’s doing something right now but I’m trying to get him back down here.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Crowe teamed up with Nick Cave in 2009 to write a sequel about Maximus’s adventures in the afterlife, but it’s unknown whether or not this is the same project that Scott is alluding to. Scott is currently promoting Alien: Covenant, so perhaps he is just in the mood to return to his greatest hits. Gladiator did win five Academy Awards and pull a global box office tally of $457 million, so it certainly secured its place in film history. Still, this would kind of lessen the emotional impact of that ending, right? Not ever movie needs a sequel.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)