Robert Downey Jr. Dressed As A Hoppy Bunny To Announce A New Charitable Foundation

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Easter is over, but Robert Downey Jr. didn’t get the memo. Actually, we’re pretty sure RDJ knows Easter is over and is sick of all the “Easter is over” jokes. Discount bunny costumes are nothing to scoff at, it’s almost as good as getting half-off Peeps at the grocery store. The Iron Man and Avengers actor dressed up like a bunny to kick off a major announcement about his new charitable foundation. Random Act Funding, which he describes once he is out of the bunny suit, will be “dedicated to distributing kindness in the form of financial support at a local, national and global level” and is being formed in partnership with his wife Susan.

This isn’t Downey Jr.’s first partnership with Omaze, as his fundraising team up with the organization previously led to the formation of Julia’s House, a hospice center for children. This year, he is aiming even bigger and asking fans for help in the initial funding efforts for Random Act. For just $10, and more if you are so inclined, you will get the chance to have an awesome day with the actor including a Tonight Show taping and exclusive Captain America: Civil War screening. That screening might be awkward to sit through if you are #TeamCap, but otherwise the grand prize sounds pretty great. Plus, if you don’t win you, can always treat yourself to a hilarious T-shirt depicting Downey Jr. as a bunny, permanently solidifying the memory of one of the best actors currently working dressed up as a rabbit.

This entire effort may have been for a great cause, but something tells us the costume is what the internet will remember the most. Some fans are already being convinced to switch sides and go with #TeamIronMan because of the game of dress up

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