Robert Downey Jr. Ships The Same House Of Furniture To Every Single Movie Set

Robert Downey Jr
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A running joke amongst Marvel fans is whether Robert Downey Jr. is mostly playing himself in the Tony Stark role. As RDJ climbs in fortune and fame, so do his real-life stunts. Like say, the Tony Stark-esque birthday party that RDJ tricked out for his 50th birthday celebration. Downey may not possess the ability to build flying suits and program artificial life, but his personality grows closer to Stark’s with each passing interview. These similarities are why people still love to watch RDJ in this role, and Marvel rewards him in kind.

There’s something awe-inspiring about someone with so much money that he can pull the biggest diva demands of all, and have them granted without question. RDJ’s latest request involves shipping a whole house of furniture to be made-available on location. The exact same furniture, no exceptions:

Real-life Tony Stark? Robert Downey Jr. likes the feel of home, so much so that he has his same furniture shipped to any place he rents while on location for his various films.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron star, 50, recently traveled to Atlanta to film Captain America: Civil War, and he had an entire houseful of furniture shipped from L.A. to his temporary home.

“Whenever he rents a place, he has all the same furniture sent so there’s consistency from rental to rental,” a source tells Us Weekly. “It comes in big semis. He does it for a sense of comfort.”

Now RDJ’s 6-month-old baby girl Avri and his wife Susan will feel right at home when they come to visit!

See, this seems like a diva request, but it makes sense. The dude is a recovering addict. RDJ doesn’t party, drink, do drugs, or dance on top of tables anymore. He’s a big family man, but when he’s away on location, that comfort disappears too. So let him have his comfort furniture already, okay? Nevermind that shipping prices must be exorbitant, and it could be cheaper to continue to buy the same set of furniture when compared to shipping it all over the world. Give the man his favorite fainting couch. After all, he’s earned it.

(via Us Weekly)