Robert Downey Jr.’s New Film ‘Chasing Phil’ Isn’t About The SHIELD Agent

If you follow the trades, then you probably already know that Robert Downey Jr. and his producing partner (and wife) Susan Downey will produce a white collar crime drama for Warner Bros. tentatively titled Chasing Phil. That’s because it’d be based on the book Chasing Phil: The World’s Greatest Con Man, Two Undercover FBI Agents, and Their Amazing Around The World Adventure, written by David Howard. And no, it’s not about the Agents of SHIELD agency director of the same name.

According to THR, the story “is based on the true story about the FBI’s first foray into white collar crime-fighting”:

It centers on two young FBI agents who infiltrate the world of Phil Kitzer, the charismatic mastermind behind dozens of multi-million dollar schemes, and his network of associates known as “The Fraternity.” It’s described as Wolf of Wall Streets meetGoodfellas.

So yeah, the “Phil” of the title is “Phil Kitzer” and not “Phil Coulson.”

Early indications suggest that the part of Phil is being molded into a “potential acting vehicle” for the real-life Tony Stark, thereby possibly changing him from an Iron Man into a Con Man. However, there is a possible solution to the “Phil” conundrum that I’ve been alluding to.

Hire Clark Gregg. Not, not to play Phil Kitzer — save the Oscar bait chops for Downey. But maybe one of the “two young FBI agents” mentioned by THR. What, he’s not young enough for you? Then make the character a little older! Whatever.

But seriously, wouldn’t that be fun? Sure, it’d probably be really confusing to people already overloaded with the Iron Man films, Marvel’s television division, and the fact that these performers actually have creative lives outside of superhero films and shows.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)