Robert Pattinson’s Out There Cracking Jokes About Hoarding Memorabilia While Teasing ‘The Batman’ At DC Fandome

After recently becoming a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, noted microwave exploder Robert Pattinson stopped by the premiere of the Academy Museum on Wednesday night where he cracked jokes about his pending financial ruin while ever so slightly teasing his upcoming role in The Batman.

When asked by Variety‘s Angelique Jackson what memorabilia from his film’s he’d donate to the museum, Pattinson thought for a second, and then joked he’s holding onto everything so he can sell when it he’s broke.

After Jackson noted that a Penquin prosthetic from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns was on display, the conversation naturally shifted to The Batman, which Pattinson confirmed will have a presence at DC FanDome.

“Me and Zoë [Kravitz] did some stuff. It’s a fun little thing,” Pattinson told Variety. “There are lots of little surprises for it.”

However, don’t expect much in the way of details. All Pattinson could say about his upcoming turn as the Dark Knight is that it’s “really cool.” Easy there, Chatty Kathy!

As for the chances of him going broke anytime soon, don’t count it. Pattinson reportedly raked in $25 million for the last two Twilight films. However, the actor reportedly only pulled in a $3 million salary for The Batman, which is low by Hollywood standards, but absolutely nowhere near the poor house.

(Via Variety)