Watch These New Disney Outtakes Of Robin Williams Masterfully Performing As Genie From ‘Aladdin’

In celebration of Aladdin’s re-release on Blu Ray, Disney has released this never-before-seen group of outtakes that show Robin Williams tossing out everything and the kitchen sink for his performance as Genie. Not only is it a moment that we haven’t seen before, it gives another chance to remember the talent that Williams had (be it a little manic and crazy at times). Good Morning America showcased this footage and noted it will be included on the Blu Ray release of the film with the new animated portions.

Also on GMA, the original cast reunited for a look back at the film and the singing voices for Jasmine and Aladdin performed the classic “A Whole New World” for one of the first times since the film was released in 1992. Definitely something to see if you’re a fan of Disney and Aladdin, and also a little bittersweet. Maybe we can get some Ferngully love here next to showcase Robin Williams. Or maybe they’ll finally re-release Toys on Blu Ray and scared the crap out of kids once again. That movie made me sad when the toys got annihilated by the military toys. It was something that ruined me for life.

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(Via ABC)