Add ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ To The List Of Movies Getting Remade

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04.10.15 10 Comments

20th Century Fox

The list of old properties being reissued, repacked, and reevaluated for a new Coke Zero generation is as long as Entourage movie guest stars. This is where I’d usually list them all, but assume that if it’s a show or movie from the 1970s and 1980s that you at least vaguely remember, it’ll probably be rebooted. Now, add Rocky Horror Picture Show to the scrap heat.

EW reports that Fox will make a new version of the 1975 cult-musical, which is still playing at a theater near you. It’ll be the one with the guy in assless chaps hanging out in front.

The two-hour event will be directed, executive produced, and choreographed by Kenny Ortega (Xanadu, High School Musical) with original film producer Lou Adler as well as Gail Berman also on board. There’s no new writer credited, however, since Fox plans to stick to the text of the original 1973 play by Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brien. (Via)

While the prospect of hearing songs about transvestites and hot patooties “after an all-new episode of Bones” is tempting, the fun-camp potential will vanish the instance someone other than Alexander Skarsgård is cast as Rocky. (It’s gonna be this guy from Glee again, isn’t it?) Might as well as add Susan Sarandon, too, considering she hasn’t aged a day in 40 years.

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