Mark Ruffalo Blames Studio Infighting For The Lack Of A Hulk Movie

Mark Ruffalo got a surprise Golden Globe nomination for Infinitely Polar Bear, so he’s been making the press rounds because, we don’t know, his mantel needs more decoration? Anyway, he’s promoting the movie, and happily talking at length not just about his role, but also the Hulk. But it sounds like the Hulk won’t be going solo any time soon.

It’s not for lack of interest, it turns out, but rather because, according to Ruffalo, Marvel and Universal have a somewhat adversarial relationship:

Marvel and Universal famously don’t get along very well, and so that’s working against us, definitely… And I hope that that changes [b]ut right now it doesn’t look particularly promising.

To give you an idea of just how angry Marvel is at Universal, they recently took one of the few Marvel characters Universal still owns the rights to right out of the Marvel Universe in about the messiest way possible in a mainstream comic book. Of course, there’s nothing that can get film executives to set aside their disputes like the ability to make piles of cash, so sooner or later, the Hulk might have a solo movie to rampage through.

Really, though, let’s just have the guy crash an episode of Luke Cage or something. Really, the Hulk should be the social butterfly of the Marvel Universe. If nothing else, when the guy shows up, you’re about to have a good story.

(Via Yahoo! Movies)