Rumor: The ‘Logan’s Run’ Remake Will Have A Female Lead

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04.07.15 37 Comments

Logan’s Run has been in remake hell for years; most recently, it was Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn looking to adapt the story of a man being hunted down by a society of teenagers for being too old. But Bryan Singer spent years trying to get it off the ground, and Warner Bros. has now decided to chuck it and make a woman the lead.

According to the Tracking Board, this is partially due to all the big hit dystopian movies starring ladies right now: Insurgent, The Hunger Games, and so on. Honestly, taking a cue from YA adaptations makes a lot of sense; the movie takes place in a society of people in their early 20s under the iron fist of a totalitarian regime. That’s pretty much every YA novel ever written.

Yes, there will be complaints that it’s not faithful to the original movie or the book, but come on. Have you seen the movie? Michael York fights a talking freezer, for crying out loud. We’re not defacing a Matisse, here. Granted, making a movie about a woman being judged by society as being too old and trying to hunt her down and kill her is not exactly the most subtle metaphor, but blatant metaphors were all the rage in ’70s sci-fi.

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