The Russo Brothers’ Next Film Finds Them Teaming Up With A ‘Stranger Things’ Star (And Maybe With Chris Pratt Again)

Anthony and Joe Russo can do whatever they want, and so far whatever they want doesn’t include yet more returns to the comic book well. They’ve done a crime drama (Cherry), a forthcoming thriller (The Gray Man, with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans). For their next trick, they’re heading to the past with one of the breakout stars of Stranger Things.

As per Deadline, the Russos’ next project is The Electric State, based on the illustrated novel (note: not a comic book) by Swedish polymath Simons Stålenhag. The film will follow an orphaned teenager traversing the American Old West in a retro-futuristic version of the past. She seeks her long-lost brother, her companion is a robot, and, oh right, the Stranger Things cast member who plays her is Millie Bobby Brown.

Chris Pratt’s name has also been floated for the project, but at least as of now nothing’s locked down. Pratt, of course, has appeared in the Russos’ two Avengers movies, and if he’s not too busy voicing Mario the plumber, the three can reunite. The project is obviously still in the larval stage, and by the time it gets made and released, perhaps everyone will have found the time to finish the extra-extra-extra long new episodes of Brown’s starmaking show.

(Via Deadline)