Ryan Gosling Was Allegedly Once Arrested In Detroit For Looking Suspicious In An Unused Building

"Lost River" Photocall - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival
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Ryan Gosling is gearing up for his directorial debut Lost River to premiere at SXSW on Saturday. While doing press for the film, the actor admitted to The Los Angeles Times he ran into some trouble with Detroit PD back in 2011:

Gosling first went to Detroit while shooting the 2011 movie “The Ides of March” directed by and costarring George Clooney. When that movie was done, Gosling bought himself an HD digital camera and stayed behind, exploring the city and shooting footage of empty buildings. (That footage is used in the opening credits of “Lost River.”)

Among Gosling’s adventures in Detroit, he says he was at one point picked up by local police, who thought he was trying to steal copper from within an unused building. “I’m not proud that I was arrested, but it did give me one of the central pieces for the main character,” he said.

It’s understandable why he’s not proud of this incident. Stealing Copper? That’s some Bubbles from The Wire sh*t right there. Look on the bright side, Baby Goose. At least you didn’t lose your pants!

(Source: Los Angeles Times)