Ryan Reynolds Totally Cheated By Dressing As Deadpool For Halloween

Never let it be said that Ryan Reynolds does not embrace his movie roles and go every extra mile possible to promote the suckers. Reynolds lobbied hard to play the Deadpool lead, and his presence was a wee gamble for Marvel after Green Lantern didn’t go places. But you never know, the merc with the mouth could eventually save Marvel from itself or at least shake things up.

Certainly, Marvel’s confidence in Reynolds is reflected by how they let him freely cart around his costume in an off-set capacity. Reynolds loves his spiffy outfit so much that he hauls it out at every opportunity. He wore it to celebrate Mother’s Day and to pose saucily near a fireplace. He used the costume to give Conan O’Brien a massage and openly wept upon first gazing upon the getup’s magnificence.

Now Reynolds has brought Deadpool to the trick-or-treat circuit, and he posted the evidence to Instagram. Did these kids know they were hanging with the real Deadpool? We may never know the answer to that question. He’s sorta cheating by wearing this as a Halloween costume, but it’s all for the greater good. I bet Reynolds even uses the Deadpool outfit at home, you know … for fun.

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