Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool’s Pansexuality

Deadpool is the Walt Whitman of superheroes. No, we don’t mean you had to learn his poetry in high school; we mean that he is, ahem, open-minded when it comes to sex. Very open-minded. Like, “you probably don’t need to get him drunk” open-minded. And you’d think a Hollywood studio would cringe in fear at the idea of Ryan Reynolds running around rubbing his abs on everything, but according to Reynolds… they’re cool with it!

Collider spoke with Reynolds about his upcoming superhero movie, and Reynolds noted they hadn’t been asked to hold anything back yet.

You kinda think you have moments when you’re shooting where you think, “This is, uh, a little excessive. This is a comic-book movie. Are we gonna get away with this?” But so far so good. Studio hasn’t crushed us with anything.

Also, director Tim Miller wants it on the record that Deadpool is pansexual. Duly noted, Mr. Miller. By the way, in the same interview, they confirm that’s 100 percent Reynolds under the suit. Whether he went commando under there is not discussed.

So, we look forward to Fox releasing Deadpool in his full pansexual glory onto movie screens in February. Just, hopefully, not with TJ Miller. Come on, when somebody says your face looks like Freddy Kreuger face-f**ked a topographical map of Utah, that’s just the worst possible attempt at negging.

(Via The Mary Sue)

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