Ryan Reynolds Embraces The Chaos To Give The World A Good Guy In The New ‘Free Guy’ Trailer

Free Guy originally sat on the release schedule for July 2020, and everyone knows what happened there. Heck, the first trailer for the movie surfaced in December 2019. It’s been a hell of a year, but the movie will come out eventually (kinda wondering if we’ll see a VOD release, rather than a continued wait, given this new trailer), and the movie’s now embracing the chaos. That’s fitting, since the movie’s about Ryan Reynolds playing a background character (Guy, natch) who realizes that he’s living inside a video game.

Cue the explosions and a Grand Theft Auto-style living environment, along with Jodie Freaking Comer (as Molotov Girl) in a wig that doesn’t belong to an assassin. How unusual, but this might be the action-comedy that people need right now, despite the endless supply of nefarious parties with dodgy weapons. While this does look like a movie that would look great on the big screen — with Michael Bay-style booms all over the place, courtesy of director Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) — and officially, this is scheduled for a December 11 theater release, a VOD hot drop wouldn’t be unwelcome! We could use a Good Guy now.

Free Guy also co-stars Taika Waititi (acting like a smartass in this trailer), Joe Keery, and Alex Trebek in a cameo. In this teaser posted over the weekend, the cast covered all bases while projecting a true release date. They’re rolling with the punches, like Reynolds in the trailer.