Ryan Reynolds Had The Best Response After Taika Waititi ‘Destroyed’ A Photoshoot Set To Hug An Avenger

Even Taika Waititi, who’s everywhere right now, can have his own moments of insatiable fandom when it comes to The Avengers cast. This realization arrives, of course, a few years after he directed Thor: Ragnarok. In the process, he inarguably resurrected that franchise, and as it turns out — and despite appearing in everything these days including Endgame, The Mandalorian, and his self-directed Hitler satire, Jojo Rabbit — Waititi can’t suppress his giddiness at the sight of a certain Avenger. That would be America’s Ass Chris Evans, who Waititi recently ran into at TIFF.

By “ran into,” I mean that Waititi (while promoting Jojo at the festival) spotted the now-former Captain America during his press duties for Rian Johnson’s Knives Out. And like any proud nerd, he ended up wreaking havoc on a photoshoot set in his haste to embrace Evans. Waititi wasn’t even embarrassed and posted the moment to Instagram. “I destroyed the #KnivesOutMovie interview set trying to give #ChrisEvans a cuddle,” he wrote. “I wasn’t even drunk.ish.”

As for Evans, he looked equally pleased and later expressed his mutual delight. “Highlight of the weekend,” Evans tweeted. “Maybe the entire year.”

Naturally, the top response on Evans’ thread comes from a fellow gent in a tight costume. That would be Ryan Reynolds, a.k.a. Deadpool, who joked, “I miss those old Kool-Aid commercials too.” Nailed it.