A Lot Of People Had An Awkward Christmas By Watching ‘Saltburn’ With The Family

It’s tough finding a new movie the whole family can watch together during the holidays. Or, at least it usually is. The Holdovers is literally a Christmas movie, in that it’s set during the holidays, but it’s also a good movie to watch on Christmas. For starters, it’s got Paul Giamatti, and everyone loves Paul Giamatti (even in action figure form). Also, The Holdovers is salty but sweet, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph and Dominic Sessa give terrific performances.

Unfortunately, a lot of people did not watch The Holdovers with the family this Christmas. Or Barbie, or The Color Purple, or Godzilla Minus One, or any movie that doesn’t feature a scene where Barry Keoghan enjoys “boy dinner.”

Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn was a popular watch this Christmas. Makes sense: it’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video and there’s been enough year-end excitement surrounding the film that a lot of people were wondering what the buzz was about. But based on reactions on social media, that curiosity about Saltburn quickly turned into regret over its “strong sexual content, graphic nudity, language throughout, some disturbing violent content, and drug use.” But mostly, the first two.

Margot Robbie tried to warn us.


But y’all didn’t listen.



If you want to get really weird, show your folks Poor Things.