Seth Rogen Helped Re-Write ‘Bad Boys II,’ Thanks To Judd Apatow

If you had to guess which Will Smith movie Seth Rogen helped re-write, you’d probably say Hitch, right? That seems like it could be a Seth Rogen movie. Or maybe I, Robot, because Detective Del Spooner is a funny character name, and if Long Shot taught us anything, it’s that Seth Rogen knows funny character names. But nope, it turns out that The Boys producer was hired to punch up (uncredited, of course) another movie.

In response to journalist Eric Vespe’s claim that Bad Boys II is better than Bad Boys because the sequel has Michael Shannon and “horny rats” (which, fair), Rogen responded, “I helped rewrite bad boys 2.” See, when I tell people that, no one believes me, but when Rogen does it… After some pressing from How Did This Get Made? co-host Paul Scheer, Rogen explained that his involvement was due to Judd Apatow.

“Judd was rewriting it and me and [writing partner Evan Goldberg] were broke so he gave us a bit of money to help,” the Freaks and Geeks star (he first worked with Judd on the unfortunately short-lived NBC series) tweeted. “I don’t remember much but we all definitely wrote the joke where they don’t know the words to the song, and where Martin shoots the machine gun in the car by accident. And probably many more.” Seth Rogen should re-write more sequels: the next Transformers movie, The Island: Back to the Island, 7 Underground… OK, Seth Rogen should re-write more Michael Bay sequels.

(Via Comic Book)