The Gender-Swapped ‘She’s All That’ Remake Casts A TikTok Star As Its Lead

She’s All That is one of the many movies getting a reboot once making movies is a thing again, this time as a gender-swapped version supposedly titled He’s All That. And apparently its star will come not from the world of young Hollywood, but TikTok.

According to Variety, Addison Rae Easterling, who has millions of followers on the social media app that Donald Trump is actively trying to kill, will star in the role inspired by Freddie Prinze Jr.’s original role in a modern-day retelling of a movie that’s been made several times over the years:

The gender-swapped reboot, titled “He’s All That,” has been in the works for years and recently started to gain traction again. Mark Waters, the filmmaker behind “Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday,” is set to direct.

The film will reimagine the plot from a teenage girl’s perspective, with Easterling taking on a role inspired by Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Zackary Siler from the original. “She’s All That” — a modern-day take on George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” and the 1964 movie “My Fair Lady” — centered a popular high school jock who, after getting dumped by his girlfriend, attempts to transform one of the school’s nerdy outcasts into the next prom queen.

The report makes it clear the word “influencer” will be thrown around a bit in the movie, with Easterling playing one on screen who tries to rehab a dorky foil’s image into that of high school royalty. In real life, she has more than 58 million followers on TikTok and reportedly makes millions in various endorsement deals. So the character won’t be much of a stretch for this modern-day retelling of influencer meets nerd, who will then be destined to become an influencer in their own right. Hopefully they’ll skip the pizza scene this time around.

(Via Variety)