‘Sicario’ Will Get A Sequel With A New Director Who Has A Gritty Crime Background

The film Sicario was one of those pleasant surprises in a world where movies rarely provide that kind of thrill without a ton of hype. While I wouldn’t say that it was an all-time classic by any stretch of the imagination, it was the kind of movie that, if you enjoy films and filmmaking, it was just an absolute joy. It brought a new approach to the whole idea of the gritty drug-cartel story and introduced some truly memorable characters in the process.

Deadline is reporting that Sicario, much like many other Hollywood hits, is due for a sequel. The sequel, titled Soldado, will look to pick up the pieces of Sicario by following Josh Brolin’s CIA agent Matt Graver and Benecio Del Toro’s cold-blooded Alejandro Gillick in their ongoing battle against the brutal drug cartels of Mexico. If you saw the first one, it should come as no surprise that Emily Blunt’s character will not be appearing in the sequel, as the first film established that she wasn’t exactly on board with how Graver and Gillick took care of business by blurring the line between the legal and illegal.

The report also states that Italian director Stefano Solima, best known as the director of the television series Gomorrah, is currently the leading candidate to take the director’s chair for Soldado.

(Via Deadline)