Simon Pegg Might Be Hopping Aboard Steven Spielberg’s Big Screen Take On ‘Ready Player One’

With Indiana Jones 5 set to fly into theaters like a nuclear blast propelled fridge in 2019, it seems that Steven Spielberg has a few big ticket offerings to juggle at the moment. One of those items is his adaptation of Ernest Cline’s award-winning sci-fi novel Ready Player One. Casting news has dribbled out here and there and there’s now word that a geek icon might be hitting start.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Cornetto Trilogy hero Simon Pegg is in negotiations with Spielberg to join the project. Pegg has been, um, pegged as the man who could play OASIS co-creator Ogden “Og” Morrow. That’s a pretty big deal in the 2044 world of Ready Player One where Wade Watts (who will be portrayed by Mud‘s Tye Sheridan) is a poor teen who’s on a daunting quest to score something incredible in a virtual reality world.

A June start is said to be in the cards for this cinematic adaptation, so Ready Player One will need to get its casting ducks in a row  sooner rather than later. Provided everything goes according to schedule, the film will hit your local multiplex in March 2018. Meanwhile, Spielberg has another movie located in the on deck circle well before that debut date in the form of this summer’s The BFG. It’s good news for film fans and excellent news for Spielberg’s non-union Mexican equivalent Señor Spielbergo who should get bonus projects with Spielberg’s schedule looking packed.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)